Icelandic+ Cod Skin Rolls Dog Treat

Icelandic+ Cod Skin Rolls Dog Treat

Brand: Icelandic+™

Our 100% natural and edible Icelandic Cod Fish Skin Rolls are single ingredient and contain no additives, preservatives or supplements. They come only from the pure icy waters of Iceland and are line-caught daily and processed immediately. Not only are they delicious for your dog, they reduce tartar & plaque build-up for healthier gums and teeth. They also are a great natural source of Omega-3 that promotes healthy skin and coat for your pet. Our natural and edible fish products can bring you piece of mind as they are cleaned and air dried within FDA, USDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations. Because Iceland almost never gets warm our fish always remains cold after being caught and as a result has less smell than other fish treats in the market.

100% Pure Icelandic+™ Cod Skin Rolls

  • Contains Icelandic Cod Skins
  • Single Ingredient – Just Fish Nothing Else!
  • For Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat
  • Full of Omega 3
  • Pure. Icelandic. Fish. Nothing Else. Nothing More.
  • Line-Caught Fresh Daily
  • Air-Dried as Vikings did in 900 A.D.
  • Peace of mind - cleaned and air-dried within FDA, USDA, EU and MAST standards and regulations
  • 100% Sustainably Fished
  • 100% Edible and Digestible
  • 100% Natural - no additives, no preservatives, no supplements
  • 100% Single Ingredient Dog Treat
  • 100% Viking

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