Colorado Dawg -Grassfed  Venison Doggie Burgers

Colorado Dawg -Grassfed Venison Doggie Burgers

Brand: Colorado Dawg

Colorado Dawg Grassfed Venison Doggie Burgers is my idea of the prefect dog or cat treat.  This product has no preservatives so I can guarantee this product was made in the last six months. 

Venison is a general term pertaining to the meat of deer.  Colorado dawgs grassfed venison is sourced from the the pritine pastures of New Zealand, the animals are grass fed and free of any growth hormones and steroids.  Venison meat is also packed with the right balance of omega 3 and omega 6 and has  many nutrients required for your dogs health.

Venison meat meat is a great source of:

  • iron
  • Zinc
  • Number of B vitamins including B12
  • Selenium
In addition to its health benefits it’s a perfect hypoallgenic meat choice for dogs with food allergies.


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