Colorado Dawg -Grassfed  Elk Doggie Burgers

Colorado Dawg -Grassfed Elk Doggie Burgers

Brand: Colorado Dawg

Colorado Dawg Grassfed Elk Doggie Burgers is my idea of the prefect dog or cat treat.  This product has no preservatives so I can guarantee this product was made in the last six months.

At one time, elk ranged over most of Canada and the United States.  By 1900 , elk disappeared from ninety percent of their range.  Today, elk are found mostly in the Intermountain West States and Canada.

Colorado Dawg uses Wapiti Elk for its health benefits.  Elk meat is naturally high in protein, low in fat and free of growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids that are found in most store bought meats.

Elk meat is very high in:

  • selenium
  • phosphorous
  • iron
  • B-vitamins
  • zinc
In addition to its health benefits it’s a perfect hypoallergenic meat choice for dogs with food allergies.

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