Ark Naturals Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque-Zapper fights plaque, tartar, bad breath & stained teeth! Veterinarian recommended and formulated.

Plaque-Zapper contains naturally available enzymes that are activated by mouth saliva. As your pets drink from their water bowl Ark's Plaque Zapper...Zaps harmful mouth bacteria and their clinically tested enzymes stop plaque from sticking to teeth. Will not change your pet's drinking or eating habits.

  • All natural: colorless, odorless, tasteless
  • No Animal Proteins
  • Wheat-Free, Corn-Free, Yeast-Free
  • Naturally Healthy & Safe Ingredients
  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Made in the USA! (Made in FDA/USDA Facilities)
  • NASC Approved


Product Facts
For use by Dogs & Cats. Recommended to support dental health & control plaque, tartar & bad breath. Contains NO Anthium Dioxide, Chlorine Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide

Active Ingredients (100 mg) - Lysozyme, Glucoxidase, Amylase, Papain, Amyloglucosidase, Peptizyme, Lactoferrin

 Inactive Ingredients - Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate

Suggested Use

 Effective on its own or it can be combined with Breath-Less Brushless-Toothpaste. Results within 4-6 weeks of continual use.


  • Empty packet in bowl of fresh drinking water.
  • Fizz lasts 3-5 seconds.
  • Enzymes remain active for 6-8 hours.
  • For cats who do not drink water from a bowl, empty packet onto cat's wet food.




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